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Healing Infant Trauma

Therapy with Infants:

Everything that is left unsaid ties up energy

Please join us and your esteemed colleagues as we welcome

Charlotte Grumme from Denmark to lead an all day experiential learning workshop on her unique ways of healing infant trauma not just in infancy,

but across the lifespan.

When: Saturday, March 24, 2018

Where: West Los Angeles (location will be provided upon payment and RSVP)

Time: 9am–4pm

Cost: $75 (at the door: $85)

*CEs will be provided at an additional charge

Therapy with infants outlines a form of psychotherapy aimed at infants and young children who have experienced traumatic events before the age of three. Infant Therapy is a specific method inspired by the work of the French pediatrician and psychoanalyst Francoise Dolto and her student Caroline Eliacheff. The method can be applied with infants and children, as well as with adults.


Many children, young people and adults carry traumas from infancy, for example stemming from difficult deliveries, medical interventions, premature birth, or the separation of mother and child, perhaps in connection with adoption or illness. Trauma symptoms include sleep problems, feelings of abandonment, disrupted attachments, relationship difficulties, substance use disorders, eating disorders or general maladaptive behavior. In infant therapy, the trauma is put into words and the energy that was tied up in the trauma is released.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify infant trauma and its consequences

  2. Explore the use of Infant Therapy in addressing trauma in children

  3. Apply Infant Therapy to heal infant trauma in the adult


We’ve also asked Charlotte to address:

  • Why are Danes consistently called the Happiest People in the World?

  • What is the Danish view of children and child-rearing?

  • What is HYGGE and how can you get it?

This workshop is intended for Mental Health Professionals, but is also appropriate for Medical Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Nannies, or anyone who works with and around children.

For more information: please contact Mary Kay Cocharo, LMFT at

310-828-2624 or

About the Presenter:

Charlotte Grumme lives and works in Copenhagen Denmark. She is a leading Danish Midwife with 40 years experience, and co-author of several books on the subject. She has brought over 3,000 children into the world. Although many of these births have been happy, some have not. Her work has been focused on pregnant women and women in labor, with a special focus on traumatic and stillborn births. She has been a Psychotherapist for 25 years and is trained in Encounter-centered Couples Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy, and Emotional Focused Therapy.

Charlotte is available for private appointments with adults while she's in Los Angeles

at $130/hr. To arrange an appointment, please contact

Mary Kay Cocharo, LMFT at

310-828-2624 or